Discovering Yourself

Sometimes, we just need somebody to say a phrase to us, or we just need a positive or an adverse event to discover our strengths and abilities. Sometimes, we live without knowing exactly where to go or what to do and then it lights up and your life changes.

Yesterday, I saw Alex’ –a classmate- branding video and she mentions that during the process of recovering from heart open surgery she has discovered that creating beauty is her passion and that she wants to focus her career in decorating. By the way, she is really very creative. If she has had not the heart surgery, she might have not discovered what she wanted to focus her life in.

Then, I saw Heather’s branding video; she also had some events in her life that made her discover some of her strengths. She became a mom! As a young mother of a little boy and with her daughter in the way, she has discovered her passion for saving money. She is now blogging about creative things on how to spend less money while spending more time with her family.

I also saw Amy’s branding video. Amy, through her college experience, has discovered that she didn’t want to become a lawyer as she first thought. She also discovered that there is no need to rush through college but instead students should enjoy such a unique experience. Her experience as a student has also made her discover the value of money.

Another of the videos I saw was from Rebecca. She has discovered that we need to enjoy the little things in life. She had some tragic events in her life, like the death of some of her friends that made her discover that instead of focusing in the negative, we need to look at the beauty of life.

Indeed, discovering ourselves sometimes take a shake in our life to make us realize what we are able to do, or what we want to do, or what we need to change in our live. In a previous post, I talked about embracing change and certainly discovering ourselves sometimes requires a change. So overcome your fears and go for your goals.

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