It’s Not What You Say; It’s How You Say It

Be careful with your words, they are powerful.  Words can create, can be enlightening, can lift you up, and can indulge you. But words can also destroy, can be bitter, can hurt you, and can take you down. The ability to express our emotions, our feelings, and our opinion through words is a gift that most people give for granted. We don’t realize the great power of our words.

Words are the vehicle that we use to communicate our feelings, our thoughts, our ideas, our emotions, our expectations, and our desires. . As I’m writing this post, I’m grateful that I can use some words to reach out to you and to transmit you my thoughts.

Words are influential; they can change people’s life. When you express your opinion, you don’t know how much impact you might have in others. Sometimes, we just say the first thing that crosses our mind, nothing wrong we that, I love spontaneity- but it’s important to remember that the interpretation of your message is what remains, “Words have longer lives than people.” Mary E. Pearson.

Pay attention to how you talk; the meaning of your words depend on how you say them. I have heard people saying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” well, if you didn’t mean it, then, why you said it or why you said it in that way. There are many ways to say one thing; so it’s not what you say but how you said it.

I think that nowadays more words are said but not all those words have a substantial message. We have more media tools to communicate: e-mails, text messages, blogs, videos, Facebook, Twitter, etc… and sometimes we forget the huge effect that our message may have in people; so it’s your choice whether you want to have a positive or negative impact.

I invite you to share your thoughts.


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