What Is Your Strategy?

“Alice said, “Would you please tell me which way to go from here? The cat said. “That depends on where you want to get to”. Lewis Carroll. A simple definition of strategy in the business environment is the art of implementing an organization’s ideas towards an objective.  I believe that like in business we also need to have a strategy in our personal life.

Vision and Mission

The first step in developing your strategy implies to formulate your personal vision and mission. The vision is basically defining what you want to be in the future, where is that you want to get to. Whereas the mission is stating your values, your principles, your potential, what is important for you, and what is that you want to accomplish. In his book, Strategy for You: Building a Bridge to the Life You Want, Rich Horwath, sustains that when defining your vision statement, you should look at your areas of “Mind, Body, Relationships, and Finances”.


In the process of formulating your personal vision and mission, you should identify your strengths and weaknesses –your competencies. Your strengths are those particular talents that you are good at and those that you can exploit and will help you through your journey. Your weaknesses are those skills that you need to improve.

Strategy Formulation

Then, you are ready to formulating your strategies. Note that I say strategies. You need to consider that unexpected events might occur and you need to have alternative strategies. You need to think ahead so the unexpected don’t find you out of base.  Moreover, since we live in a world of constant change, you also need to be open to accept change and renew your strategies. Let your intuition and previous experiences guide you to renew your strategies.

Action Time

Now that you have formulated your strategies, it comes the implementation “action phase”. In business, this is considered the most difficult stage. To implement your strategy, you need to have discipline, endurance, perseverance, and, very important, motivation. Often times, during your journey, make a pause to evaluate the results of your strategy and make adjustments if necessary.

Creating a personal life strategy might sound like a complex process, but don’t you think it’s worth it to have clear where do you want to get to and how you can get there?

So what is your strategy? I welcome your comments.


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