How Much Courage Do You Have?

The last time I had talked to my friend Roberto was about four months ago. He had some news for me, he had changed jobs. He worked for the previous employer for over five years so he thought it was time to face new challenges. He had gotten a job in the hospitality industry; oh boy, he was very excited. Then, when I called him yesterday, I was expecting to hear his story of how well things were going in his new employment; but no, that was not what I heard. He said, “I quit my job”. What?? I said, what happened. So he went on telling me how he didn’t have the support he needed to perform his work.

At first, I thought, wow he is crazy; then, I thought, no he is not crazy, he really has courage. I think no many people do what Roberto did. We tend to stay stationary in a place even if we don’t feel comfortable. I have heard many people saying -about their employers, oh well, it’s a good company, I have good benefits and, at the same time, they complaint about how they dislike their boss, or their coworkers, or other things.

In my post “embracing change” I say that people fear change. I think that people is intimidated about the unknown and about failing. This causes that people avoid change. I believe that you really need to be brave to do something like what my friend Roberto did.

I’m not saying that you should make a chance just for the fun of doing it; but if you feel that you’re not happy or that you want to improve your current situation, well, have the courage to change. The worst it can happen is that things didn’t go the way you expected and then you have to try it again. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to boost your courage. You can read a book like “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers or listening to an inspirational speaker like Joan Brock.

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