Don’t Be Arrogant, Be smart

I will never forget when in one occasion, I had scheduled a meeting with my boss at that time. I went to see him to his office but he was not there. After waiting for fifteen minutes, I started getting concern if he has forgotten that we were going to meet. I called him but no answer. I ended up waiting for forty-five minutes, and he never showed up. Later, I learned that he was chatting with some other people in another building and when he received my call, he had said that I could wait.

That sounds rough, right? It was rough. People who think that they are more important than others, people that their ego don’t let them see beyond their nose, people who don’t listen because they think they know everything are called arrogant. For me, these people show a false façade to hide their weaknesses and lack of confidence. Sometimes this behavior is trigger by the need of belonging to a group or reaching new positions. And some other times, people forget their roots when they succeed.

Arrogant people don’t realize that at the end of the day, they are simply like anybody else. They also have to buy their groceries at the supermarket, they go to bed every night like anybody else, and they also fall in love and have heartbreaks like anybody else. And what it’s worst is that the arrogant is avoided.

If you are being arrogant, get off that cloud and be yourself. I know that in this competitive world you want to win the race but people are not fooled. You don’t need to be arrogant to show your talents. And like Carmine Gallo says in his article 10 Ways to Tell if You’re Confident – or Arrogant, “Confidence is inspiring, arrogance is a turn-off”

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