From Honesty to Integrity

Can you believe this? Last week, my friend Rene texted me saying “just in case anybody’s faith needed to be restored in good honest people. I was just at Raley’s and went through self-check. I asked for $20 cashback and when I left, I forgot to take it, walked away and remembered about it after going to another store. I called to Raley’s and they actually had it. Can’t believe it!”

I think that what it’s amazing is that Rene was so surprised about this episode. Why we have become so incredulous on people’s honesty? Well, we hear all the time stories about people being skimmed, companies deceiving investors, employees being dishonest, athletes doping, politicians’ scandals, and the list goes on….. I believe that a person who is dishonest is not lying to others but to himself or herself. So what is the point of being dishonest??

Moreover, if you are an honest person, you might have integrity, too.  Wait, isn’t honesty and integrity the same? No, not really. Honesty is the act of being truthful while integrity encompasses honesty, ethics, and principles.  People who show integrity are highly valued because they can be trusted; they are authentic. These people stand by their beliefs.

Integrity is not only valued at a personal level but also at a business level. Customers and other businesses look for doing business with entities that they trust. If you have noticed, many corporations have included integrity as part of their vision statement. This means that companies are looking for individuals that possess integrity as part of their team who can represent their corporate values.

So a good start to be a person of integrity is to be honest. Don’t you think this world would be much better if more people were honest? I’d like to hear your comment!


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